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Kiri Patterson

Lover of writing, tea, books, and dark chocolate. Mom by day, and sweet romance writer by night. By night I mean 11 PM tops.

Chasing London

Chasing London is my newest book. It is a small town romance about finding love and purpose in unexpected places.

Marissa will do a lot for a free cookie, even go on a date with a complete stranger. As long as the cookie has sprinkles.

But even cookies have their limit, and once the guy starts talking about second dates and future plans, Marissa knows it's time to bolt. No one knows what the future will bring, just like no one can change the past. Planning was all a pointless exercise. Though, this might be why she is still living in Hillsdale at twenty-five with her Nan, working at a dead-end job as a law assistant, and has seen zero of Europe.

When a fortune teller reveals that Marissa's happiness is in London, pieces begin to fall into place, and Marissa wonders if it is finally the right time for a fresh start. The only problem is that the new big-city lawyer, Scott, who loves plans and smells like cinnamon rolls on a cold day, is bent on convincing her to stay.

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