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Lover of writing, tea, books, and dark chocolate. Mom by day, and sweet romance writer by night. By night I mean 11 PM tops.

No Plans to Fall

No Plans to Fall is a sweet small-town romantic comedy about finding love and purpose in unexpected places.

Marissa will do a lot for a free cookie, even go on a date with a complete stranger. Especially if that cookie has sprinkles.

The date wasn't so bad. Scott smelled like cinnamon rolls, and his subtle humor made her laugh. But even cookies have their limit, when Scott starts asking about another date, Marissa knows it's time to bolt. Second dates are about planning and eventual talks about the future. Marissa wanted nothing to do with either. Running from her past and a fear of her future keeps her firmly planted in the present.

A flying pumpkin and a black eye later Scott convinces her to team up. He will plan her dream trip to London, and all she has to do is make the town not hate him. Should be easy.

Scott has a plan for everything. He has played second fiddle his whole life, being a younger twin can do that. Now it's his turn to prioritize his plans and come out on top, regardless of the cost. He devises a plan to use Marissa to secure his dream job. But, all the planning in the world couldn't stop him from falling in love with her.

As their feelings deepen they must confront their insecurities and decide if love is worth the risk of shattering their carefully constructed lives.

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