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Lover of writing, tea, books, and dark chocolate. Mom by day, and sweet romance writer by night. By night I mean 11 PM tops.

No Plans to Fall

No Plans to Fall is a sweet small-town romantic comedy about finding love and purpose in unexpected places.

Marissa will do a lot for a free cookie, even go on a blind date. Especially if that cookie has sprinkles.

Her date wasn't terrible, despite him wearing a business suit to a corn maze. Scott smelled like cinnamon rolls and his subtle humor made her laugh. But even cookies have limited power. When Scott asks about a second date, Marissa knows it's time to bolt.

Marissa's only relief is she lives hours away and can pretend this misguided evening never happened --until she goes to work Monday to find her firm is under new management...suit wearing, cinnamon smelling, Scott management...

Scott has a detailed plan for everything in his life. This was going to be the last time he agreed to save one of his dad's 'charity projects'. He needed to prioritize his own plans if he was ever going to hit his goals.

But what started as a complete disaster, may end up being Scott's saving grace. He devises a plan to use Marissa to gain the trust of her small, quirky town's residents and secure his future dream job.

All the planning in the world couldn't stop him from falling in love with her… but if she finds out he used her, even a cookie couldn't solve that problem.

Can these two lost souls find love? Or will their best-laid plans get in the way?

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